Moving Daze

Relocation takes a toll on the mental health of transferees. What can employers do to lessen the impact?  Sarah B. Hood takes a look… . This article was first published in CERC Perspectives Magazine, reproduced with kind permission.


Before embarking for a new country, Canadians can easily check their risk of contracting an illness and arrange to be vaccinated against hepatitis, encephalitis, rabies or yellow fever. But there’s no vaccine for loneliness, anxiety or depression and their attendant health risks. 

Elisabeth Oliver

Anatomy of a Takeover

Dom Tidey:  “Our industry has seen big changes over the past few years and one of the main trends we’ve seen has been consolidation and takeover as companies use economies of scale to remain both competitive and compliant. At our Dubrovnik conference last year, Patrick Oman led a standing room only session on his experiences both buying and selling companies across his career, culminating in Dwellworks acquiring Irish Relo in 2017.
Gordon Kerr

MIM+ Legal Compliance

The MIM+ module, "Legal Compliance in the Mobility Industry", is now available and recommended to all members interested in the variety of EU and national laws which affect European relocation businesses. affect European relocation businesses.

This module is available for free to all EuRA Members and all their teams on the EuRA Academy.  For information about how to access the Academy, we have a short film;


InterCultural Word of the Week!

Intercultural Word of the Week "Fernweh"

This German expression describes feeling homesick for a place you’ve never been to... It’s like wanderlust, but a stronger feeling of nostalgia for a place you’ve never actually visited. The literal translation is “Far sickness”. #euramunich #eura2019