InterCultural Word of the Week!

Intercultural Word of the Week "Fernweh"

This German expression describes feeling homesick for a place you’ve never been to... It’s like wanderlust, but a stronger feeling of nostalgia for a place you’ve never actually visited. The literal translation is “Far sickness”. #euramunich #eura2019


Third Culture Kids; The Global Citizens

By Lama Issa, Cornerstone London Relocation


The way we see the world as adults is developed from when we were children. The community in which we grow becomes our “home” and as we grow older, traveling makes us break from the comforts of it.

Susan Ginsberg

MIM+ Training “Achieving Business Growth in an Uncertain World”

This fascinating module takes an in depth look at how growing your business is possible even in uncertain times!  A must MIM+ Module for all entrepreneurs (RMCs, DSPs, and speciality service providers) in Mobility.

We are delighted to launch a new MIM+ module, “Achieving Business Growth in an Uncertain World.” This Learning and Development module introduces tools and methodologies to identify opportunities and craft strategies to help drive business growth in the future. 


Anatomy of a Takeover

Dom Tidey:  “Our industry has seen big changes over the past few years and one of the main trends we’ve seen has been consolidation and takeover as companies use economies of scale to remain both competitive and compliant.

At our Dubrovnik conference last year, Patrick Oman led a standing room only session on his experiences both buying and selling companies across his career, culminating in Dwellworks acquiring Irish Relo in 2017.