Current Applicants and New Memberships

We regularly receive applications for new memberships and accept new members into the family of EuRA. You can find a comprehensive overview of them here.

Current Applicants

Cooptalis Immigration - Full Membership France

ACT- Åland Consulting, Travel & Event Ab. - Full Membership Finland

Compass Relocation - Associate Membership Tunisia


Membership of EuRA is subject to approval and applications are reviewed by the Executive Group before they are accepted.  Should you have reasonable grounds to oppose a particular application or membership and you are a Full Member based in Europe (i.e. you have voting rights) please contact us.

New Memberships (last 6 months)

Full Service Relocation - Full Membership Poland

Bolliger Roma SPA - Full Membership Italy

Relokon - Full Membership Lithuania

McGimpsey Brothers (Removals) Ltd - Full Members UK

Local Logmenn - Full Members Iceland


McGimpsey Brothers (Removals) Ltd - Full Membership UK


Clearmove Ltd - Full Members UK

WHR Group, Inc - Full Members USA

Nestpick Global Services GmbH - Supplier Members Germany


Unique Relocation - Associate Members Brazil

Expat GH Relocation Services - Full Members Ghana

360 Mobility Services - Full Members France

MDE Consultants - Full Members UK

Roomzzz Aparthotel - Supplier Members UK

Dracott & Fennemore Ltd - Supplier Members UK

Briscoe & Shaw Residences - Supplier Members Ireland


Capital Relocations (Thailand) Ltd - Full Members Thailand

Wilhelm Rosebrock GmbH - Supplier Members Germany

Easy Flat - Supplier Members Switzerland

Relocity - Full Members USA

Switch Relocation - Full Members France

In2Holland - Upgraded to Full Members Netherlands

Concierge Management s.r.o - Associate Members Czechia


Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP - Supplier Members USA

Halo Financial - Supplier Members UK - Supplier Members Italy

The Relocation Company - Full Members Netherlands


Eszett Business Language Services - Full Members Germany

Macfarlanes - Supplier Members UK

Home Explorer - Full Members France

Dwell Relocation Ghana Ltd - Full Membership Ghana


Place2Place - Upgraded to Full Members USA

Heart Relocation - Associate Members UK

Homelike - Supplier Members Germany

Ineo Global Mobility UK Ltd - Supplier Members UK

Instant Home Ltd - Full Members UK


Beautiful Apartments - Supplier Members Sweden

Latitude Relocation - Associate Members UK

C2You! - Supplier Members Switzerland

Lima Relocation Services - Full Members Peru

International Consultants Centre - Full Members Australia