Current Applicants and New Memberships

We regularly receive applications for new memberships and accept new members into the family of EuRA. You can find a comprehensive overview of them here.


Current Applicants


Membership of EuRA is subject to approval and applications are reviewed by the Executive Group before they are accepted.  Should you have reasonable grounds to oppose a particular application or membership and you are a Full Member based in Europe (i.e. you have voting rights) please contact us.


Morocco Relo Services - Full Membership Morocco

Hauler Relocation - Supplier Membership Romania

Jobbatical - Full Membership Estonia

Cultural Chemistry - Supplier Membership UK

Juniper Shores - Associate Membership UK

Grace Relocations Pvt. Ltd - Full Membership India

Dwellers Delight Luxury Stay - Supplier Membership UK

New Memberships (last 6 months)


The Movers - Supplier Members Oman

Living Abroad - Supplier Members USA

RELOCONSULT - Full Members Netherlands

KeyPro | Furniture Rental - Supplier Members Netherlands

Money Jar - Supplier Members Ireland

Startcon GmbH - Full Members Germany

Sprout - Full Members Canada

Relocation Today - Supplier Members USA


Magellan Hub - Full Members Mauritius


Paramount Transportation Systems - Supplier Members USA

Akka Kappa Ltd - Supplier Members Ghana


Futur Living - ARIV Coliving - Supplier Members Switzerland

Forenom Logitjänst AB - Supplier Members Sweden

Lex Documents - Supplier Members Spain

GT Global Ltd - Full Members UK

The Apartment Network - Supplier Members UK


Neygi Moving & Relocation - Full Members Argentina