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Several years ago, it was complicated for a company to establish itself in another country. Today, there are solutions to carry out all the steps to set up a business (market study, renting an office, sales prospecting, recruitment, accounting...) in Vietnam at a lower cost. We met Thierry MERMET, co-director of Source of Asia, who told us about his activity here in Vietnam.

SOA was founded in 2007 and has a team of 40 people specialized in international business development in South-East Asian markets.


Global journey

What does ‘good’ international payroll look like?

Over the last few months the world’s currency markets have been experiencing high volatility with major currencies moving sharply on a daily and even hourly basis. We all know this to be as a result of the impact that COVID-19 has had and continues to have on the world economy.


Disruption, Innovation, Good Ideas and the Value of Books - Jon Harman

Jon Harman  | Global Account Manager - CORT



Judging by the ubiquity of conference sessions, industry webinars, and trade publication articles on the topic, it would appear that everyone in relocation is either fervently searching for mobility’s disruptive innovation or hiding in a corner hoping that it won’t put them out of business when it arrives.


Coronavirus impact, ABEA Relocation, Ukraine

Coronavirus crisis - impact on Ukraine, update from ABEA Relocation

Today is exactly a month since Ukraine is quarantined in order to save the population from COVID-19 infection. On March 17, 2020, the first measures were introduced, about it below.

What became interesting and unusual in Ukraine (even for Ukrainians themselves) was that the Ukrainian government took precautionary measures against COVID-19 before the virus spread. At the time of quarantine, official statistics said only about five cases.

We suggest to look at the quarantine measures from the foreigners’ point of view.

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