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On 17th March, the Luxembourgish government announced a three-months state of emergency to fight the disease.

People have been ordered to stay at home unless they need to buy food or have other urgent business, and most employers have told their staff to work remotely.

Cross-border workers, living in France, Belgium or Germany, who cannot work from home have to show a certificate from their employer when commuting to and from Luxembourg.


Impact on Mobility - Update on China

Dima Lorenz updates us on the current situation in China as the country starts to open up again.


Update 3rd April 2020


With the number of new cases continuing to fall, the focus of the Chinese government is mainly on preventing a resurgence of the virus. The country has implemented a number of far-reaching measures to block and screen any incoming arrivals, while economic and social life in China itself is slowly returning.


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Formula Group : COVID-19: Impact on Expatriates living and travelling to India - Update

Despite being the second most populous country in the world, India has some of the lowest number of cases of Covid-19. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), India is currently in the second stage of coronavirus transmissions.

This has been possible with the help of a nation-wide lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who  enforced the lockdown for three weeks starting March 22, calling it a people’s curfew or “Janta curfew”. 

The restrictions were aimed at slowing down the transmission of the coronavirus through community outbreak. 


Impact on Mobility - Update from China - Dima Lorenz, VP Dwellworks China

Update 27th March 2020


The number of newly identified cases continues to fall in China and almost all new cases are now from new arrivals from outside of the country. With this, the focus of the Chinese government continues to be on preventing a ‘2nd wave’ or resurgence of the virus and has implemented a number of extreme measures to block and screen incoming arrivals.


For Mainland China


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