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Intercultural Word of the Week: "Strumfrei"

This great word is for the feeling of freedom when your parents went away and you had the house to yourself… party time!  Basically it’s equivalent to the phrase, “when the cats away the mice will play”

Alternatively the feeling you get when the work is done and it’s the final night EuRA Party!!


Intercultural Word of the Week: "Hireath"

This is a term that sits at the very heart of Welsh culture and translates as the longing and nostalgia for the homeland.  Wherever the Welsh travel in the world so they create a new society largely due to hireath.

"I know the meaning of the Welsh word - 'Hiraeth'. This has pulled at me all my life. I would happily travel west, but north, south or east was so difficult. I lived in a beautiful home on the edge of Wales, looking west. The mountains shouted hiraeth, hiraeth! Silently and patiently.

We all feel nervous when moving for work... but why? And how do we manage it?

Relocation & Emotion - Why are you nervous?

Moving to another country for work brings about a whole host of challenges. 


Intercultural Word of the Week - “Shouganai”

Intercultural Word of the Week - “Shouganai”

Literally interpreted as “it cannot be helped” or “nothing can be done about it” this phrase says a lot about the ability the Japanese have as a people to maintain dignity and calm in the face of tragedy.  The world watched in horror as the March 11 tsunami hit Japan in 2011.  But what commentators around the world noted was the coming together of the people to make order out of chaos.  The cultural norm denoted by shouganai is to follow convention, common in collective cultures such as Japans.