What is EuRA?


The European Relocation Association, was formed in 1998 with the aim of promoting the benefits of professionally managed relocation and mobility services to companies with globally mobile employees.

The relocation process is one of the most difficult times for an employee that involves intense changes on a professional, personal and cultural basis. The impact on both individuals and their families is profound, which is why professional support is invaluable in setting you up for a successful assignment.

Professional relocation suppliers not only save companies money, as they have a far greater ability to accurately negotiate expenses on behalf of their clients, they also provide a seamless transition for the employee from one role to the next, promoting effective and swift productivity for the company.

Our Activities

  • Provision of support and advice for relocation professionals; 
  • Provision of advice and training for new entrants to the industry; 
  • Conferences to provide a forum for the exchange of industry information, training, etc.;
  • Regular publication of industry information both internally and externally; 
  • Creation, by lobbying and all other means, of a legal framework within which the European Relocation Industry can grow and develop;
  • Establishment of a "think tank" for future industry planning and development. 

Best Practice

EuRA currently has three focuses for best practice: adherence to our code of conduct, accreditation through training and accreditation through the EuRA Global Quality Seal.

The Rules of Conduct are agreed by each member each year as they renew their membership. Members found to be in breach of these rules are subject to the disciplinary procedures outlined in EuRA's Policy Document and a copy can be read here.

EuRA accredits individual relocation professionals through the MIM training programme. EuRA is a founder member and participant in the European Academy of Relocation Professionals project to externally accredit European-wide training programmes.

Through the EuRA Global Quality Seal (EGQS), the Association is able to accredit member companies independently through an ISO model external audit system. The EGQS examines the member company according to the criteria laid down in the EuRA Quality Standard, which although based on an ISO 9001 model, is more far reaching, specific to relocation service delivery and aimed at promoting the very highest quality of service from EuRA members.


    Aims & Objectives

    • To promote the concept of relocation; 
    • To promote the highest levels of professionalism and service; 
    • To create a professional framework within which the relocation industry can grow and develop; 
    • To encourage the development of a professional relocation qualification; 
    • To maintain links with associate organisations, partners and clients;
    • To track industry trends and disseminate industry information;
    • To provide support services to members by means of counselling, legal advice, etc.; 
    • To create an arbitration body. 

    Find out more about our Vision and Mission and our Rules of Conduct by visiting the links.

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