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We run monthly and quarterly Briefing Sessions on a wide range of topics.  Our monthly Briefings are exclusively accessible to EuRA Members for six weeks when they then become public on our YouTube Channel.

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How Disruption & Innovation Redefine Talent Mobility

Join our brilliant panel of mobility thought leaders for an essential discussion of where our industry finds itself in the third quarter of 2020

EU US Privacy Shield Declared Invalid

In a shock judgement in late July the European Court of Justice declared the EU-US Privacy Shield invalid, technically making data transfers between the EU and the US illegal. What does this mean for our industry and what should we be doing? EuRA's Strategic Legal Consultant Gordon Kerr reviews where we are and what this may mean.


Risk Management & Liability

Moderator: Gordon Kerr

Panelists: Alistair Murray Relocation Support Services, Nadia Clements & Zacharia Atya Clements International, Tad Zurlinden EuRA

Gordon guides us through what risk mitigation actually is and then the panel discuss the risks DSP's face in their business from litigation for fault or omission to cyber threat. Tad leads a discussion on appropriate insurance solutions and how EuRA is once again working towards a cost effective solution for members.

Adaptability & Expectation

Moderator; Peggy Love EuRA SC Intellectual Content

Panelists; Maria Kouri Corporate Relocations Greece, Jennipher Christensen IPR Consulting USA, Selina Wakeling Cheval Residences UK, Elizabeth Sawyer Bennett International Education

We bring together panelists from across our industry to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on their service delivery models