MIM Training

The Managing International Mobility programme was designed by EuRA to equip the teams of it's member companies with the expertise necessary to deliver exceptional services to their clients.  We built the programme inline with our ethos which can be encapsulated in the acronym "DNA"


  • Increasing the profile of the relocation industry
  • Professionalising the industry through training and qualifications
  • Developing new initiatives to support the industry
  • Building the skills of individuals through diverse media routes


  • Creating relationships between industry segments
  • Facilitating connections across the globe
  • Providing opportunities to share knowledge and information
  • Building bridges between diverse sectors


  • Assessing and defining quality in the field with the EuRA Global Quality Seal
  • Researching the industry
  • Gathering feedback from the industry to lobby on their behalf
  • Sharing information and knowledge gathered

The EuRA DNA is achieved through:

  1. A commitment to a not-for-profit provision for members
  2. The integration of conscious capitalism into everything we do
  3. A desire to listen to the industry and work on their behalf
  4. Expanding our provision of services in line with industry needs
  5. Mobilising the diverse expertise in the industry for collective benefit
  6. Encouraging profitable and ethical practice in all our members
  7. Promoting quality provision in relocation services
  8. Unifying and respecting diversity

Using this vision for EuRA's training development programme, we built the MIM syllabus around the needs of members as dictated to us by them.  We used focus groups to design the fixed syllabus programme to emphasise the core focus of service delivery from understanding how the industry works in its wider context, to intercultural expertise so central to the needs of the assignee.  The CPD programmes are built around the needs of senior relocation professionals and are kept current via a programme of continual examination of the changing needs of the industry.  Our goal is to spread as much peer led expertise within not just our MIM training programmes, but through an integrated system of Briefings, live events and online resources.

Managing International Mobility Study Programme

Each module costs €200 and the quizzes cost €50.  However, EuRA Members are able to access the modules and the quizzes for just €50 each.To get your discount you need to access the page below "Get Your Coupon Codes" and make a note of the discount codes. 

Please ensure you are logged in to the EuRA website as this is a Members Only Page.

When you get to the "Pay" page in the Academy for the module you wish to study, just enter the appropriate code and the system will deduct €150 from the €200 module charge.

Non-members are not eligible for the discount and will pay the full fee of €200.  There is a charge for all quizzes of €50.  If you have several team members undertaking training, please contact us as we can arrange a further discounted licence.

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If you are not a member of EuRA and would like to know more about the MIM Online Training Programme, please take a look at our

Guide to Qualifying with EuRA.

We also have a scholarship programme to help people join the industry and to reduce costs.  Go to The Maddalena Michieli Scholarship Programme survey to submit an application.

Once you decide to start studying, please contact Maree Turner