ABEA Relocation Ukraine After Covid-19

One year of life under quarantine in Ukraine - what has changed in migration processes

A year has passed since Ukraine closed its borders, suspended the processes and made everyone work from home. Ukraine has adjusted to new conditions. So, let's review main points of changes in migration processes.

Formula Group

Covid Resource list- India

Given the current situation in India and the curfew/lockdown in various States, Formula Group wanted to share a list of COVID helplines and resources that our community can have access to. 
This resource list has been collated from various external sources who have verified the list as of 21st April 2021. However, with the way situations are changing in the city we cannot guarantee each source will have supplies available. 
Please reach out to them and stay safe.


Relocators to the Rescue

EuRA has an extraordinary extended family.  The following events took place this weekend and show how even in the darkest of times, the kindness and resourcefulness of EuRA members bring light and hope to the world.

Email From Anita Meyer Altair in Belgium, to Lena Rekdal Nimmersion in Sweden:


Hi Lena,

Hope you and your family are doing well.

Knowing that you used to have horses, my daughter and I are trying to help the veterinarian that takes care of our 2 horses.

Fraud Prevention

MIM Fellowship Case Study - Mima Hillier


Mima Hillier – TTHCurzon Relocation mima.hillier@tthcurzonrelo.com