MIM+ Training


MIM+ Training Modules are aimed at experienced relocation professionals and those looking to specialise in more in depth mobility issues.  They are available to members at no charge.  MIM+ Modules attract 10, 25 or 50 credits towards your MIM or MIM+ qualification depending on the content.  In order to gain credits you must successfully complete the assessment for which there is a €50 fee per module.   You can study MIM+ modules at anytime, you don't need to have completed the MIM Fixed Syllabus programme, but we suggest you take a look at that programme first!

MIM+ Programme 2019/2020

Online Now:

Coaching Approaches in Mobility Programme A

Primary Trainer - Carmelina Lawton Smith - 50 Credits - Online Now

Legal Compliance in Mobility

Primary Trainer - Gordon Kerr - 50 Credits - Online Now

Achieving Business Growth in an Uncertain World

Primary Trainer - Susan Ginsberg - 50 Credits - Online Now



You Are Your Brand

Primary trainer; Susie Goodall

Working with RMC's

Primary trainer; Susie Goodall

Working with Direct Clients

Primary trainer; Peggy Love