The Threat to Schengen… What Does it Mean for Mobility?

Dom Tidey, EuRA C.O.O.

The EU faces a challenge.  The fallout from the 2015 migration crisis continues to impact on the bloc and the response to the populist waves of concern in many member states has led to confusion as to how the Schengen Agreement is being implemented.


InterCultural Word of the Week!

Dom Tidey, EuRA C.O.O. Cyberchondria

The acute anxiety felt as a result of prolonged internet research into a perceived medical problem.  Cyberchondria is the result of googling WebMD for pins and needles and self diagnosing the onset of Multiple Sclerosis.  The cure?  Take WebMD off your bookmark list!



SIRVA Worldwide Relocation & Moving acquires Team Relocations

Integrated relocation & move management firm brings strength in Europe to bolster SIRVA’s position as the #1 global mobility provider

CHICAGO, IL (August 2nd, 2018) — SIRVA, Inc, the leading global relocation and moving service provider, today announced that it has acquired Team Relocations, a relocation & move management company based in Amsterdam, with offices across Europe.

ReloTalent's Tips for Relocation Companies – Ep. 01 – Implement a Buddy System



The stress placed on assignees during relocation can cause big problems. How can relocation companies leverage a buddy system to help? By matching assignees with expats already in-country, or other employees from the same company that have recently relocated, you provide a pre-built support network.