Dom Tidey

The EuRApean Editorial, June 2019 - Dom Tidey C.O.O.

EuRA 2019 Munich has come and gone and we were delighted to welcome over 700 guests to the event from over 60 countries.  It was a particular pleasure for me and the team and Board to welcome over 150 brand new delegates.  

Opening Keynote

Munich Keynotes - Session Summary

We work hard to find inspiring and enlightening keynote addresses at the conference and this year, we were really delighted at the reactions our delegates had to our speakers.

DSP Clients

Session Summary - Working with Direct Clients

Moderators; Peggy Love EuRA SC Content, Anita Meyer EuRA Past President

Speakers; Sylvia Ehrlich Intrepid Relocation, Maddalena Michieli Professional Relo, Sophie Rehberg Professional Organizing


For the past several years we have received feedback from members about the idea to have a conference session about DSPs working with direct clients. This year in Munich, as a trial, we offered this session. It was designed to be an addition and a complement to the DSP RMC session.


Out with the Old, in with the New

“Out with the old and in with the new” - Andrew Scott, Outgoing President

The old English phrase “Out with the Old and in with the New”, in its literal sense means “Moving forward” and that was one of the big takeaways for me at our conference in Munich this year.