Gordon Kerr

Legal & Tax: Critical Update


For a variety of good reasons, the main focus of this Report is on Brexit. From a relocation industry

viewpoint, Brexit will create serious challenges for some and opportunities for others. A wider 

perspective, which not everyone may agree with, was provided earlier this month by the International Monetary Fund: "Brexit may be the start of a growing revolt against

Jon Harman

“This May Hurt a Little Bit”

We’re not so good at change, we humans.  Change brings uncertainty.  Uncertainty triggers threat alarms in the brain and so we are inclined to lean away from, rather than toward, change.  


Brexit - Four Months on… Where are we Now?

We held our second webinar on Brexit and its implications for mobility during October and our brilliant legal team, Gordon Kerr and Stuart McWilliams at Morton Fraser took an in depth look at where things are headed. Dominic Tidey summarises the session…

We are now four months on from the morning we woke up to the news that the UK would be leaving the EU, and although speculation is rife throughout the world’s press about what this will mean, there are a now a few predictions we can make with more certainty than we could on that dramatic June day.


Using coaching questions to help people through the transition curve