Spoil the Ship for a Hap’orth of Tar

  What Wal-Mart has taught us about expansion into Europe

CEO Report March 2017 - Tad Zurlinden


As we approach our 19th International Relocation Congress taking place in the Polish capital Warsaw, it strikes me just how far EuRA has moved forward over the last two decades.   I am grateful for the incredible support of our members, sponsors, awesome  team at HQ and around the world, and of course our Board Members who give their time and expertise for free to further enhance our profession.  


Case Study... A Merger


EuRA Communications Consultant Fiona Klomp, interview the CEO’s of the newly merged map group, Isabelle Premont and Anita Meyer to get an insight into the process and outcome of a merger and how they see mobility in Belgium… 


So how has the merger been treating you so far? 

Anita Meyer

Letter from the President

Spring is in the air, the Warsaw conference is calling. Meanwhile, the EuRA board has had the pleasure of reviewing the accomplishments of an excellent 2016. It’s hard to describe the actual momentum of the European Relocation Association; we are spreading our wings, fast and in various directions. The membership is flirting with the 500 number, the conference in Malta was a success from all points of view, the networking events at the CERC in Canada, at the WERC in the US and Asia had great scores of appreciation from its attendants.