January 14th, 2019

#EuRAGOA Global Conference 2018

Goa beach

In what has been a very exciting 20th year for EuRA, the buzz around the Goa Global conference was intense!  It was such a huge pleasure to be in India but greater still was the pleasure of meeting our members in such an incredible setting.  Over three days, we talked, learned, networked and made new friends.  Now in its third year, the EuRA Global Conference was the brainchild of past president Anita Meyer, who held a clear vision for her presidency which was to truly make EuRA a global organisation that was capable of representing its members all over the world.  We started in Cape Town and were so genuinely delighted  that our members in Africa joined us from all over the continent.  Last year in Dubai again, we were able to represent our members across the Middle East.

This year in Incredible India, we were able to focus on the challenges and successes that mobility providers across sub-continent face and draw some conclusions about our global network working together.  It was fascinating to see how services are delivered, how impactful a move to India can be and how incredibly professional the EuRA members are.  The depth of knowledge about the impact of regionality in this vast country really shows how vital using professional relocation support really is.  One very interesting contrast between India and other places is how much time corporates are still prepared to fund when relocating key people.  Three and four day accompanied searches are still common and this was something our members from outside India found very interesting.  However, as our members across the country pointed out, a move to India represents an incredible adventure for the expat at the same time as a profound life changing experience.  Our huge thanks go to our sponsors, without whom we just could not make this event work.  Their support meant that we were able to enjoy a fantastic experience.  We celebrated the end of the event under the palms and the stars, watching the sun go down over the Arabian sea, feeling very blessed indeed.

Huge thanks to everyone who donated and bid on items in our silent auction to raise money for Help Age India , an incredibly important charity serving communities across India and the largest voluntary organisation working in that space.  We managed to raise €3,000 which was will make a real difference to the work of the charity.

Next year, Vietnam!!


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