March 08th, 2018

Technology at the Heart of Relocation Companies’ Sales

Technology at the Heart of Relocation Companies’ Sales

Technology is advancing and evolving all around us, pushing its way into parts of our lives which we would never have expected 10 or 15 years ago; this is especially true in the business, and especially sales, worlds. In the global mobility sector, advances in technology are allowing service companies and supply chain management companies to integrate their networks like never before, with the leverage of industry-specific software platforms becoming a significant part of the advancement.

When you bring software into your service, it becomes a core part of your service offering, thus changing what you actually sell. A perfect example of this shift is HubSpot, a company that changed the way small and medium media agencies sold their services by complementing their original offerings with new technology.

HubSpot invented the inbound marketing philosophy, which focuses on the creation of relevant and engaging content for customers to enrich their buying journey and use of the product. Gone are the days of relying on cold calling and email campaigns. HubSpot realised that they could make customers come to you, and created the technology and platform to do it. For media agencies, this became the technology they could rely on to support their entire customer experience. Introducing inbound marketing became a natural and comfortable step, creating innovative and recurring in revenues as opposed to their previous one-off billings.

What we should be interested in here are not the tools themselves, but rather that the tools allowed hundreds of small and medium-sized media agencies to evolve their business models from advertising campaigns and emailing to ongoing services of customer success via HubSpot. By embracing technology, these companies found a significant amount of recurring business and were able to tap into customers previously inaccessible.

For relocation companies, the technology is now available and can allow you to get closer to human resources professionals before strengthening and enhancing the relationship. Considered use of these software solutions will open the path to recurring revenues in the form of continuous assignment management. The inclusion of self-service user accounts for clients provide internal tracking of relocations for stakeholders, directly through an online management tool.

The introduction of new technology and the innovation in workflows that come with it are allowing those embedded in the relocations industry to develop whole new ranges of services. These then, in turn, bring human resources professionals and the service providers on the ground even closer together while providing more transparent supply chains for customers. It is at this point that we ensure successes in our work, and can provide the best possible experience for all of our customers, wherever we stand within the relocations lifecycle.


This article was written by ReloTalent for EuRA.

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