March 09th, 2018

Evans Relocation

Evans Relocations

Sherman Pereira - Group Relocations Director, Moscow, Russian Federation

During my career of over 20 years in the Relocations industry I’ve worked for three different companies on four continents. Having the ability to work for truly multinational companies requiring travel to a variety of countries around the world, experiencing different cultures and sights, has certainly been an enormous benefit to myself, however, I’ve derived the greatest sense of satisfaction from meeting new colleagues and friends and sharing my Relocations experience directly with clients and customers.  The increased communications in today’s day and age that social media fosters has only heightened how invaluable an opportunity it is to have contacts and colleagues only one mouse-click away.

During those 20 years I have witnessed the industry develop from a largely 'cottage industry' to one of a sophisticated, client modelling and process-driven business, which has become an essential part of any HR & Mobility team. 

Recently, I joined Evans Relocations as their Group Relocations Director in Moscow.  While Evans Relocations has been successfully performing relocation services for their private and corporate clients for 27 years, we aim to continue our growth trajectory to include business from other relocation companies as well as relocation management companies. Our membership into EuRA has been the proverbial first step in our quest to broaden our client base and provide the most customer-focused and premium service throughout our network of offices in Russia and around the globe. With over 120 full-time staff in the Evans Group of Companies in Moscow, 18 of whom are dedicated Relocations experts, and another 15 who are multi-skilled consultants for high-season volumes and special projects, we are well equipped to tackle projected growth and broaden our customer base.

What enticed me to Moscow over 10 years ago, was an opportunity from my previous employer, Crown Relocations. My 15 years at Crown, working in Australia, South Africa, Europe and Russia gave me a solid foundation from which to strengthen my skills and broaden my industry experience.

Despite a decade in Moscow and Russia, I continue to encounter exciting surprises and experience unforgettable events.  Moscow’s population of over 12 million people, many of whom avail themselves to inexpensive public transport, means I share my daily subway commute with almost 4 million people who venture down daily into the metro’s extravagantly designed and historical underground stations. My travel time is approximately one hour, which may seem high, but it can pale in comparison to many others for whom it’s not unusual to spend up to 4 hours to and from home and work.

Moscow’s business etiquette is largely similar to that of many other countries I have visited and worked in.  Punctuality is always important and greeting someone with a firm handshake and direct eye contact is common practice. It is however, not unusual for some to arrive late due to heavy traffic or simply as a means of displaying importance and station in life. It’s also traditional not to shake women’s hands at all, and one will quickly learn that relationships and connections to those in positions of authority will garner one’s respect for the assistance in eliminating the all too common red tape prevalent in so many spheres of Russian business.

Of particular interest to me are a few of the Russian superstitions I uncovered during my time here.  For example, it’s considered bad luck or bad manners if you shake hands in a doorway, or whistle indoors, or forget to take your shoes off after entering a home. And, never show up empty handed if you are invited to dinner.

The FIFA World Cup in June of this year will see Russia opening its doors to approximately one million visitors from all over the world, and I hope that you will be part of that number visiting Moscow and the other cities involved in the World Cup tournament. It’s a beautiful time of year to be in Russia and I’m sure Russia will host a spectacular event to remember. If you are planning to visit Moscow please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to show you around the many historical and exciting places that Moscow has to offer.

I’ve found, while working and living, in over 6 countries, that the key ingredients for success and job satisfaction are caring for your staff and clients; displaying strong leadership which inspires action; showing respect to whomever you come in contact with whether it be inside or outside work; driving ethical behavior and continually setting and achieving goals one step at a time.

I look forward to continuing to build my knowledge, skills and network of friends in the EuRA network as part of Evans Relocations, and I will be happy to assist and contribute to the goals and mission of both you and EuRA in the future.

Sherman Pereira - Group Relocations Director

Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 910 467 1978

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