March 19th, 2020

Coronavirus - Impact on Mobility to Italy Update from Arletti&Partners


On Tuesday the 17th of March the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, promulgated a new Ministerial Decree (n. 120/2020) with the aim of regulating returns to Italy.

The provisions, which will remain in force until Wednesday the 25th of March (with the possibility of an extension), are as follows:

Art.1 - Anyone who enters Italy, by road, sea or air, has the obligation to communicate it to the Department of Health and Social Care responsible for the territory. These subjects are also required to respect a period of fiduciary isolation equal to 14 days.

Art.2 – A derogation is provided for anyone who enters the Italian territory for proven working needs for a maximum of 72 hours (which can be extended for a further 48 hours) and they will not be required to implement a period of isolation. However, these subjects are required to present a self-certification attesting both their state of health and their proven work reasons (DSAN, ex. DPR 445/200).

Art.3 - The above provisions do not apply to the so-called "travelling personnel", i.e. to all those who are part of an air, sea, rail or road crew based in Italy.

The new ministerial provision clarifies, therefore, the modalities with which future entries into Italy will have to take place.

It should be remembered, however, that in addition to Ministerial Decree 120/2020, the following measures continue to remain in force:

- Prime Ministerial Decrees of the 9th and the 11th of February 2020, which regulate circulation within the "Red Zones",

- Protocol of the 14th of March 2020 regulating measures to contain the virus in the workplace and providing for the suspension of all activities not essential for production purposes.


Alessandra Baldini

Immigration & Relocation Consultant


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