The EuRA Executive Group

The EuRA Executive Group

EuRA is managed by an elected governing council of nine, with a President and a Vice-President in office for a period of one year, which can be extended to two at the invitation of the Council.  At the end of the term of office of an Executive Group member, we send out details of the region available to all full voting members of EuRA.  If more than one candidate for the space becomes available, we then hold an election.

Council members serve for a two year term on a voluntary basis.  Each council member represents their local region, ensuring any national issues are addressed on a European level. 

The Executive Group is made up of representatives from EuRA's six regions; UK & Ireland has two members,  Nordic consisting of Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland has one member. Southern consisting France, Spain, Portugal, Italy & Greece has two members.  Central consisting Germany, Austria and Switzerland has two members. Benelux consisting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg has one member.  Eastern consisting Albania, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia & Ukraine has one member.

This is your EuRA Executive Group:

EG May
Alistair Murray
| President
| Northern Region Representative
Alistair Murray, EuRA Executive Group Member

Alistair has worked in the relocation industry for over sixteen years, working in Senior Management positions for both a Relocation Management Company and Destination Service Providers. He was Managing Director of Relocation Support Services (RSS) for six years, before taking up his current role as Chief Operating Officer at Packimpex, one of the leading Destination Service Providers in Europe. Here he is responsible for the international destination service units in the UK, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. As well as the continual programme of international expansion and strengthening customer experience by working closely with the innovation team.

He drives business goals with enthusiasm and professionalism, and continuously demonstrates excellence in all he does, ensuring that the end result is always a completely satisfied customer.

He has completed the MIM and MIM+ training, the Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) certification and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Communication.

Isabel Cudell
| Vice President
| Southern Region Representative


Growing up as an expat and third culture kid, and having studied International Relations, I specialized in professional global mobility, immigration compliance & relocation support. 

As managing partner of Moving-ON Professional Mobility—a consultancy firm based in Portugal and in Mozambique—my motivation is to provide excellence in service delivery, training, and personal development of our teams. 

Our experience and industry knowledge is reflected in our passion for what we do.

It is an honor to serve EuRA’s Executive Group as Vice President and representative of the Southern Region.

Jeremy Berthoux
| Executive Group Member
| Souther Region Representative

As my mother Dominique was the founder of one of the pioneering Relocation companies in France back in 1991, this industry has been a part of my life since I was 7. The first office of the company also happened to be where our gaming console was located so I remember fondly having to keep quiet while my mother cold-called HR managers who had never even heard of Relocation! 

I first pursued a master’s degree in private law with a specialization in Contracts Law at Université Jean Moulin Lyon III, before completing my training by attending EM Lyon Business School’s specialized master’s Degree in International Management and Law. 

It was only in 2014, after several experiences in Fortune 500 companies and Law firms, that a specific legal question brought me to work for Home Conseil Relocation for the first time and that’s when I fell in love with the Global Mobility industry as it fosters a human-centric yet innovation-prone business. 

From there, the path to take over the company (a move completed in 2017) was natural as I benefited from the shared experience of my mother and some of the most seasoned and welcoming professionals from this great industry, we call our friends. 

Aside from my deep passion for cooking, I intend to bring to the Board this uniquely personal take on the industry as well as my past experiences sitting on Boards of French and International associations to strengthen the Executive Group and serve EuRA’s southern region. 

Markus Demuth
| Executive Group Member
| Central Region

After having been employed for 16 years in various relocation companies, Markus decided to found his own business in 2010. The Munich-based company currently counts more than 30 employees and has numerous freelance consultants all over Germany.

Markus is convinced that the team is the company’s most valuable asset and therefore has always lived a low-hierarchy, team-oriented management philosophy with a strong belief that empowerment and professional training are essential for all team members.

A very special way of training are internships where participants see first-hand how other professionals work. This idea encouraged Markus to create the Global Employee Program in 2019, an international exchange platform between relocation service providers all over the world, which he introduced at the EuRA conference in Munich in April 2019.

BLUE has been an accredited member of the European Relocation Association (EuRA) for many years and proudly holds EuRA Global Quality Seal Plus. Many of the BLUE employees hold the MIM, MIM+ or CAM qualification.

Markus' motivation to become a member of the EuRA Executive Group is that he truly believes in the power of the team and social responsibility. He would like to contribute with his ability to upscale a company in a transparent way, to lead a team on an eye-to-eye level - reflected in the extremely low fluctuation of employees at BLUE global relocation - and his well-established international network.

Johanna Lennartson
| Executive Group Member
| Nordic Region Member

Johanna started her career within Global Mobility in 2007. She has been the main company representative at numerous industry conferences around the globe for many years. She attends and participates in the sessions and loves that EuRA has brought her to all corners of the world. In 2010 Johanna received the Global Mobility Specialist Certification, GMS and in June 2021 she was appointed the Managing Director role at Nimmersion AB. 

Johanna is highly specialised in immigration within Global Mobility. That being said, after 15 years, having filled the roles as Relocation consultant, Immigration Specialist, Director of Quality, Director of Operations, and today Managing Director her knowledge is both deep and broad. In addition, she’s also passionate about educating start-up companies about recruitment policies when hiring employees from abroad. 

Previous work experience in the restaurant management field is paramount in handling stressful situations while still maintaining a high service level. She’s very empathic and want to see the good in people and opportunities. This helps her to give daily support to clients and employees. The most important value she teaches her children is to treat all people equally, no matter how they look, the way they dress, whom they love, their occupation or the colour of their skin. 

From her administrator positions, Johanna is well-organised and always on top of things. By nature she’s calm and always eager to contribute where she can and serve other people. Being organized has helped Johanna in managing work, children and her hobbies in a balanced way. 

Growing up in a small country with lots of innovation has been inspiring for her. Johanna has worked with many of the Swedish start-ups and unicorns known worldwide and trained their recruitment teams about Global Mobility. This among other experiences is something she’s more than willing to share with the other members of EuRA. EuRA has been an important part of Johanna’s career and she has always felt the support from other members juggling the same challenges but in different countries. Johanna would be honoured to serve the northern region as an Executive group member. EuRA give so much to their members and this would be a great way for Johanna to give some in return. 

Johanna holds a master degree in Service Management from Lunds University, Sweden. 

Marie O'Neill
| Executive Group Member
| Global Region Representative

Marie O’Neill is the owner and Managing Director of EER.  Under her visionary leadership, EER has grown to become one of the Middle East’s leading relocation, immigration and corporate services companies.  She also has an unrivalled industry knowledge and a proven track record of leadership that would make her an invaluable member of the EuRA board.  

As well as being a member of EER’s Senior Leadership Team, before becoming co-owner in December 2021, Marie was also a member of the TIRA board and currently serves on the EER advisory board.  Her insightful strategic planning skills and visionary business development approach have been crucial in facilitating growth and progress in her past and current leadership roles and have been regularly utilised in industry events around the world when she has been asked to act as a panellist or speaker.  She is also well known as an advocate for taking an inclusive and collaborative approach that underscores the importance of partnership and sustainability in the pursuit of prosperity and opportunity.      

EER has been a member of EuRA for over 10 years and is the only company in the Middle East to currently bear its seal, an honour that Marie and her co-owner are extremely proud of.   Marie understands the value of being part of such a prestigious organisation and would relish the opportunity to contribute further and make an even more positive impact to the industry as a whole.  Given EER’s unique position in the dynamic and crucial Middle East region, and Marie’s adept knowledge of growing a successful business in this nuanced marketplace, there is great potential for her to make lasting, productive contributions as a EuRA board member moving forward. 

Isabelle Prémont
| Executive Group Member
| Benelux Region Representative
Isabelle Premont, EuRA Executive Group Member

Isabelle Prémont is the owner and managing director of Map Relocations and am&pm Relocation. Born in Belgium and raised around the world. After her expat experience in the United States, she settled in Belgium where she studied hotel management. Before making her entrance into the world of global mobility, she enjoyed a career in the hospitality business with emphasis on sales and marketing.

In 2011 Isabelle joined Map Relocations as Operations Director and shortly after she decided to take over the company. Although Map Relocations has been delivering relocation services to expats in Luxembourg and The Netherlands since 1998, Isabelle opened offices in the cities of Luxembourg and Rotterdam, to cement Map's presence in those regions.

In May 2015 Isabelle became president of the Belgian Association of Relocation Agents (ABRA) and in 2016, with the desire to grow and extend the range of services, she took over the Belgian company am&pm relocation.

Sophie Rehberg
| Executive Group Member
| Central Region Representative

Sophie is the Managing Director and co-owner of Professional Organizing Relocation Consult GmbH in Germany. ProfOrg was founded in 1982 and is a leading German DSP with nationwide coverage and an international client base. ProfOrg was the first company to qualify for the EGQS and also holds the ISO 9001:2015 Seal. ProfOrg caters to national and international clients with a broad network of partners and affiliated companies. Sophie holds a BSc in business & economics and started her career in a large German logistics company shipping the world’s most expensive sport horses. Sophie entered the family business in 2016 and took over in 2019 alongside her husband. Within ProfOrg, Sophie has weathered significant structural change with a passion for change management and team integration.

As a true polyglot, Sophie has a keen interest in languages and culture and has a track record of effective networking and leadership.

Sophie raises twin boys with her husband and enjoys spending her free time hiking with her dogs.


Simon Robins
| Executive Group Member
| Northern Region Representative
Simon Robins

I am the Business Development Director at TTHCurzon Relocation and have worked in both Sales and Business Development within the UK and Global Corporate Relocation Industry for over 20 years. I truly love the industry we work in, for everyday is different. One of my key strengths is being able to forge and maintain very productive business relationships which is crucial in winning and maintaining clients in this very competitive industry. I have established an extensive network of contacts throughout the wider Relocation world, many of whom I would regard as friends as well as work colleagues. I pride myself on being an individual, that Clients, Prospects and colleagues have trust in as well as being confident that I always do my utmost to ensure I provide the very highest level of advice and guidance on both a process and policy front. Outside of work, I am married with three grown up children and have been a school Governor for over 20 years and I am a past chair of the Association of Relocation Professionals.

Simon joins the Executive Group in June 2020

Irina Yakimenko
| Executive Group Member
| Eastern Region Representative

Irina joined Intermark, now leading relocation, immigration and moving company in Russia and CIS, in 2007. During her tenure, Irina grew to become Managing Partner and Shareholder of the company while continuously driving and perfecting the business to expand in both service and geographical coverage. Under Irina’s supervision, Intermark established in 10 countries, including Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, launched in-house operations of relocation, immigration and HHG moving services provided to international corporates and relocation management companies.