The EuRA Executive Group

The EuRA Executive Group

EuRA is managed by an elected governing council of nine, with a President and a Vice-President in office for a period of one year, which can be extended to two at the invitation of the Council.  At the end of the term of office of an Executive Group member, we send out details of the region available to all full voting members of EuRA.  If more than one candidate for the space becomes available, we then hold an election.

Council members serve for a two year term on a voluntary basis.  Each council member represents their local region, ensuring any national issues are addressed on a European level. 

The Executive Group is made up of representatives from EuRA's six regions; UK & Ireland has two members,  Nordic consisting of Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland has one member. Southern consisting France, Spain, Portugal, Italy & Greece has two members.  Central consisting Germany, Austria and Switzerland has two members. Benelux consisting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg has one member.  Eastern consisting Albania, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia & Ukraine has one member.

This is your EuRA Executive Group:

the EuRA executive group
Michèle Bramstoft
| President
| Northern Region Representative
Michèle Bramstoft, EuRA Executive Group Member

The Northern Region is also represented by Michèle Bramstoft of Copenhagen Relocations – Immigration & Relocation Solutions. “I am honoured to have this opportunity to be part of the EuRA board. The EuRA has been a guiding force throughout my relocation career and I aim to help it continue this positive vein.”

In relocation terms, Michèle is a ‘3CK’ or 3rd Culture Kid, having spent her formative years living outside of the USA in the Saudi Aramco residential compound of Dhahran. She joined the relocation industry 20 years ago after moving to Denmark [from France]. Michele holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of Thomas, [Houston]Texas and a ‘Brevet d’État from C.R.E.P.S. in Bordeaux, France. Michèle now makes her home with her husband and daughter in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Relocations provides comprehensive immigration and destination services into and out of Denmark; and is committed to adding value to the relocation process and improving the quality of expat life in Denmark. We envision “Happy Transferees”, when the person moving is happy, mobility stakeholders are happy and relocation is successful.

Copenhagen Relocations has been a member of EuRA since 2000 and is a proud holder of the EuRA Global Quality Seal since 2010.

Susana Bourne
| Vice President
| Southern Region
Susana Bourne, EuRA Executive Group Member

Susana Bourne, Founder and Managing Director of Antares Relocation comes from a family background in this industry. Susana began her relocation career in 2001 working in the beginning together with her mother, Diane Kiddell, who founded the very first relocation company in Spain and was also a EuRA Board Member for several years.

Susana has always worked in the service industry where she has had experience managing challenging global projects in multinational companies. Before starting Antares Relocation, Susana has worked in some of the most important relocation companies in Spain.

Susana is British national, born in Madrid, and has lived in Spain most of her life. She completed her schooling and went through university in the UK. Her constant exposure to both the Spanish and British Cultures give her an unenviable bi-cultural background. Her enthusiasm for working with and understanding people and their varied needs makes the relocation world a natural environment in which to develop her career.

Susana has been involved in EuRA since her introduction to the relocation industry. In 2008 Susana was part of the Eura Development Committee, a committee helping set up the guidelines and contents for the Eura Quality Seal.

Susana is ERQ3 Graduate with the Fellowship status, the highest award from the EARP Programme, and holder of the MIM Qualification. She has also obtained the GMS Qualification from the Worldwide ERC. Her company, Antares Relocation, holds the EuRA Global Quality Seal. Susana brings to the Board an in depth knowledge, of and experience in, international mobility.

Isabel Cudell
| Executive Group Member
| Southern Region Representative
Isabel Cudell, EuRA Executive Group Member

Isabel lived as an expat child until she was 19 years old and returned to her home country, Portugal, for university studies. By the age of 13 she had lived in 6 different countries (Brazil, Portugal, Bahrain, Spain, Luxembourg and France), been to 5 different schools and learned 5 different languages - it was my "normality".

As a professional, Isabel started working in destination services firstly at international events, later developing and specializing in global mobility. She created her first DSP company in 2003, paving her way into a recent industry in Portugal.

As founder of Moving-ON Professional Mobility, the motivation to innovate and diversify mobility support services came first in the agenda. As a result, Isabel worked on a research & development initiative, on the new business area of online relocation support services and launching the world’s first relocation e-shop in 2013.

Diverseness also came with expanding the operation to new African locations, with offices in Mozambique, where experience and industry knowledge become a motivation to continue recreating and a challenge for continuous improvement.

“I soon understood the crucial role of being part of EuRA, reaching to global partners and alliances, to the latest industry trends in a changing world, undergo training, network and learn. Industry meetings over the years have proved to be the most valuable assets in my relocation career, in the consolidation of my company and in the professional development of my teams.”

Process improvement oriented, customer-centred and motivated by new projects, in 2008 Isabel was part of the Eura Development Committee, a committee helping set up the guidelines and contents for the Eura Global Quality Seal.

Pierre Jeronimo
| Executive Group Member
| Central Region Representative
Pierre Jeronimo, EuRA Executive Group Member

A French native and graduate of Kedge Business School with a major in international business administration, Pierre Jeronimo started in the relocation industry 21 years ago in Central and Eastern Europe and has held senior management positions with Corstjens, Sirva, Pelichet and Sterling Relocation in several countries including Hungary, The Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

Pierre is one of the mobility pioneers in Central & Eastern Europe starting in Hungary in the early 90s for the Dutch group Corstjens. Throughout the 90s he spent quite a lot of time in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Russia to serve international corporations and embassies in this region.

He is the CEO and owner of Geneva Relocation, HR Relocation and Ellen Baur & Partner Relocations GmbH.  His Group has offices in Geneva, Lausanne and Zürich.

Since 2013 Pierre is the President of the Swiss Association of Relocation Agents (SARA) (till June 2017), a former Vice-President of FIDI Switzerland and a founding member of GroupExpat, the Swiss Association of International Human Resources Managers. Well integrated within the Swiss business community he is a member of numerous local associations including the Geneva Rotary Club.

“My passions are history (Middle Age and the 18th Century), ski and mountain hiking. I spend a lot of my free time with wife and my 4 kids aged 9 to 19. In my career, my family and I have been expats in several countries”.

Alistair Murray
| Executive Group Member
| Northern Region Representative
Alistair Murray, EuRA Executive Group Member

Alistair has worked in the relocation industry for over fourteen years, working in Senior Management positions for both a Relocation Management Company and Destination Service Providers. He was Managing Director of Relocation Support Services (RSS) one of the leading providers of Destination Services in the UK for six years, before taking up his current role as Chief Operating Officer at Packimpex. Here he is responsible for the international destination service units in Germany and Belgium, the continual programme of international expansion and strengthening customer experience by working closely with the innovation team.

He drives business goals with enthusiasm and professionalism, and continuously demonstrates excellence in all he does, ensuring that the end result is always a completely satisfied customer.

He has completed the MIM and MIM+ training, the Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) certification and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Communication.

Isabelle Prémont
| Executive Group Member
| Benelux Region Representative
Isabelle Premont, EuRA Executive Group Member

Isabelle Prémont is the owner and managing director of Map Relocations and am&pm Relocation. Born in Belgium and raised around the world. After her expat experience in the United States, she settled in Belgium where she studied hotel management. Before making her entrance into the world of global mobility, she enjoyed a career in the hospitality business with emphasis on sales and marketing.

In 2011 Isabelle joined Map Relocations as Operations Director and shortly after she decided to take over the company. Although Map Relocations has been delivering relocation services to expats in Luxembourg and The Netherlands since 1998, Isabelle opened offices in the cities of Luxembourg and Rotterdam, to cement Map's presence in those regions.

In May 2015 Isabelle became president of the Belgian Association of Relocation Agents (ABRA) and in 2016, with the desire to grow and extend the range of services, she took over the Belgian company am&pm relocation.

Irina Yakimenko
| Executive Group Member
| Eastern Region Representative

Irina joined Intermark, now leading relocation, immigration and moving company in Russia and CIS, in 2007. During her tenure, Irina grew to become Managing Partner and Shareholder of the company while continuously driving and perfecting the business to expand in both service and geographical coverage. Under Irina’s supervision, Intermark established in 10 countries, including Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, launched in-house operations of relocation, immigration and HHG moving services provided to international corporates and relocation management companies.


Sophie Rehberg
| Executive Group Member
| Central Region Representative
Sophie Rehberg

Sophie Rehberg, Managing Director of Professional Organizing Relocation Consult GmbH comes from a family background in this industry. Her mother founded the company in 1982, and Sophie has taken over the business since 2016. Sophie has a degree in business & logistics and started her career in equine transport, shipping the world’s most expensive sport horses.

Professional Organizing Relocation Consult GmbH has been a member of EURA since the early 90’s and delivers inbound and outbound DSP & Immigration Support Services. The company holds the EGQS and ISO 9001:2015 Seal.

Sophie has a strong focus on change management and represents a young, diverse and motivated generation within the industry.  

Sophie joins the EG in June 2020

Simon Robins
| Executive Group Member
| Northern Region Representative
Simon Robins

I am the Business Development Director at TTHCurzon Relocation and have worked in both Sales and Business Development within the UK and Global Corporate Relocation Industry for over 20 years. I truly love the industry we work in, for everyday is different. One of my key strengths is being able to forge and maintain very productive business relationships which is crucial in winning and maintaining clients in this very competitive industry. I have established an extensive network of contacts throughout the wider Relocation world, many of whom I would regard as friends as well as work colleagues. I pride myself on being an individual, that Clients, Prospects and colleagues have trust in as well as being confident that I always do my utmost to ensure I provide the very highest level of advice and guidance on both a process and policy front. Outside of work, I am married with three grown up children and have been a school Governor for over 20 years and I am a past chair of the Association of Relocation Professionals.

Simon joins the Executive Group in June 2020