Introduction to the EGQS

16th, 17th & 18th May 16:00 CET

Our annual free to all members, introduction to the EuRA Global Quality Seal sessions will take place in May.

This series of three 90 minute webinars will cover everything you need to know to get started on building your quality manual and becoming EGQS certified.  Our Strategic Consultant for Quality and EGQS project manager Martina Scharwey will lead the sessions in a highly interactive format.  

The webinars will cover:

  • Getting started
  • Interpreting the Quality Standard
  • The role of the Quality Manager
  • The audit process itself
  • How to apply the Quality Standard to fit your business model
  • Best practice

To request the recordings, please contact Maree Ninow 


EGQS Update Webinar

Learn about the update to the EGQS Quality Standard for 2018.  Our Strategic Consultant for Quality Martina Scharwey will take members through the updates particularly those related to the new General Data Protection Regulations.  We have incorporated the GDPR requirements into the new Standard which for this year, will be available to all members certifying or re-certifying from February 1st onwards.

Recording available for free to ALL MEMBERS;  please contact us

EGQS Update Webinar

Webinar Programme

We will be running a series of short webinars on diverse topics affecting the relocation industry. These live webinars will be free to attend for EuRA Members (MIM's Webinars are currently charged) and we will start taking bookings one month in advance of the session.  

New webinars to be announced shortly.

Contact us to sign up as places are limited. 






Introduction to EuRA Global Quality Seal - recording available please contact us

Webinar Programme


Where are we now with Brexit?  EuRA’s Director of Legal Services and resident Brexit commentator Gordon Kerr gives an interview on the start of negotiations, political shifts in the UK and possible ramifications so far.

For a copy of the recording CLICK HERE


BREXIT: What's Next?

Moderator: Gordon Kerr

As policies are being formed and the new UK government start the discussions about leaving the EU, so our fantastic legal experts at Morton Fraser are on hand to keep us up to date with what's happening and what likely impacts may follow.

For a copy of the recording CLICK HERE



BREXIT: The Impact of Education and Schooling upon Mobility

School Choice International

This session looked at the possible implications of Brexit on international schooling and family mobility.

For a copy of the recording CLICK HERE


Recordings of all our webinars are available to members at no cost.  All webinars, except the Introduction to the EuRA Quality Seal series are one hour long.  Using the webinars as part of an internal training programme can help to fulfill the EQS requirement for individual training plans for all staff.  

Recordings of webinars that took place more than 12 months ago are freely available to all visitors to the EuRA website. Click on the relevant link below to view your free webinar.  If you would like to receive recordings of our most recent webinars, just email us.



BREXIT UPDATE:  What's Next?

Gordon Kerr, Morton Fraser (2016)

BREXIT: The Impact of Education and Schooling upon Mobility

School Choice International (2016)

CERC:  Varied Approaches to Relocation in APAC - Emerging, Developing, and Developed Economies

Steve Cryne, President and CEO of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council, CERC. (2016)

RMC's:  Developing True Partnership

Susie Goodall, Brookfield GRS (2016)

RFP's:  Critical Update

Anne Claude Lambelet, Chris Debner (2015)

Special Education Needs & Giftedness

Susan Ginsberg - Schools Choice International (2015)

Why the African Continent Demands a Different Approach to Intercultural Training

Marussia van der Merwe - Expats On The Globe (2015)

Best Practice for Time Management

John Harman - CORT (2015)

Destination Services - US Delivery Models

Denise Ryan - IOR Global Services (2015)

Introduction to the EGQS

3 x 2 hour recordings

Martina Scharwey - EGQS Senior Consultant (2015)

RFP's Critical Update

Anne Claude Lambelet - ACL Consulting (2014)

Immigration - Croatia Joins the EU

Sophy King - Peregrine Immigration (2013)

The EU Blue Card

Sophy King - Peregrine Immigration (2012)

RMC's Partnership & Communication

Susie Goodall - Brookfield GRS (2012) 

Working Smarter - Integrating Support Services

Peggy Love - Dwellworks, Wendy Wilson - FiGT (2012)

Paradigm Shift - Towards Integrated Leadership

Henk Den Dekker - Trompenaars Hamptden Turner (2012)

The Rise and Rise of Procurement

Mark Iredale - Cartus (2011)

Maintaining Great Client Relationships

Jacqueline Biersma - TEAM Relocations (2011)

Families in Transition

Anne Copland - The Interchange Institute (2011)

Relocation Policies

Elaine Crowe - Rank Group (2010)

Handling Change

Elisa French - Threefold Group (2010)

Effective Marketing

Helmut Berg - RSB Deutschland (2010)

Online Client Evaluations

Dominic Tidey - EuRA Operations Director (2010)

TCKs and the IB

Julia Love - ACS International Schools (2010)