EuRA Briefing - The Benefits to DSP's of a Directorship Board

2022-01-20 - 2022-01-21


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Thursday January 20th - 14:00 CET

Have you ever sought expertise from outside your Management Team?  In this Briefing, we'll take a close look at the benefits to DSP's of establishing a Board of Directors.  Finding the right people to take on Directorship roles is a challenge and in this session our panellists will discuss their experiences of setting up a Board and the added value it has brought to their business. We will also discuss the legal implications for roles and responsibilities as well as hearing from a Board Director working in a Board of Directors for a EuRA Member.  This is not to be missed!


Dom Tidey, EuRA


Gordon Kerr, EuRA Strategic Consultant Legal Services


Simon Johnston, Icon Relocation

Marie O'Neill, Executive Expatriate Relocations

Krysta Fox,

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Benefits of a Board of Directors

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